“I wanted to take a moment to let you know just how impressed we are with SCIDES. After 6 years at XXX, I was hesitant to homeschool and worried about the quality of education my child would be getting. I couldn't be more pleased with our SCIDES teacher and their dedication. In just a few months, we have received more detailed and comprehensive feedback on our child’s work than the teachers have in all of his time at our former school, combined. They have consistently taken the time to respond in depth to every email and phone call, and even made time to meet with us in person. We were only planning on homeschooling for one term, but are now strongly considering staying on with SCIDES.” – Damien B.

“SCIDES has, overall, been a great experience for me, and I am continuing to take courses with you.  I feel that the teachers are respectful and care about the students.  The fact that the courses are progress-driven is an important factor for me.”  – survey respondent

“I want to thank you for all the help you've offered me throughout the course. Your assistance helped me understand the course to a much more in-depth level, answering all my questions and helping me every step I needed!” - Johnny L.

"Thank you so much to SCIDES staff for organizing the 2017 Graduation celebration today. It was lovely! Perfect length, wonderful speakers, amazing stories of accomplishment (especially from mature learners!) and a delicious lunch. Much gratitude from the Newton/Burkholder families." -  Sandra Burkholder, Facebook, June 20th.

"After researching career options and schooling requirements, I found that a grade 12 diploma was essential. I had acquired my GED in the late 90’s but didn’t think that was sufficient enough so I came to the Kengard Learning Centre in April 2017 to find out about upgrading. I found out that the GED program discontinued in 2014 in favour of the Adult Graduation Program offered by the Ministry of Education free of charge, I signed myself up. I graduated in June 2018 and am very grateful for not only this program but to the Centre and all the staff who are all helpful trained professionals, compassionate and all-inclusive individuals who have your best interests at heart. Thank you Kengard Learning Centre!" - Joanne Street, Graduate, Kengard Learning Centre.