*Adults must be a resident of British Columbia

Adults who have not yet graduated from grade 12/high school:

We have an amazing adult graduation program at SCIDES.

  • To complete the Adult Graduation Program, students must meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • To complete the Adult Graduation Program, students (18 or older) must earn at least 20 credits in the secondary system or complete five courses in the post‑secondary system.
  • Courses and credits can be counted from the BC School System and/or the College ABE Program.

The table below provides an overview of the qualifying courses.

British Columbia School System Qualifying Courses


College or ABE Program Qualifying Courses

  A Language Arts 12* course


4 Credit Course

 OR     a provincial or post‐secondary level English course

  A Mathematics 11 or 12** course


4 Credit Course

 OR    an advanced or provincial or post‐secondary level Mathematics course

  Option 1
Three 4‐credit Grade 12‐level Ministry Authorized courses, including External Credential Courses


  12 credits

 OR    three additional courses at the provincial or post‐secondary level
  Option 2
Social Studies 11, BC First Nations Studies 12, or Civic Studies 11 (4 credits each)
Two 4‐credit Grade 12‐level Ministry Authorized courses, including External Credential Courses
  12 credits  OR    Advanced Social Sciences and two provincial or post‐secondary level courses

 Total: 20 credits


 Total: 5 courses

* Please refer to the Ministry of Education's online Course Registry for a list of courses that satisfy the mathematics and language arts requirements for the Adult Graduation Program.

Those courses that meet the Language Arts 12 and Mathematics 11 or 12 requirements of the 2004 Graduation Program also satisfy these Adult Graduation Program requirements.

**Accounting 11 and 12, and Financial Accounting 12 continue to satisfy the mathematics requirement in the Adult Graduation Program.

Our home-based adult education programs won’t conflict with your work schedule, letting you proceed at your own pace. Although SCIDES is located in Merritt, our online high school courses are available to all adult BC residents wishing to take advantage of distributed learning for graduation or for upgrading.

We pride ourselves to be the best solution for adult learners, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual education goals!

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