SCIDES welcomes international students living in B.C.! 

If the school you are attending in B.C. does not offer a course you are looking for, you might be able to find it at SCIDES.
The SCIDES International Student is fee is $750.  Some courses may also require a refundable $50 textbook deposit.

**You MUST have your host school fill out an extra form (for billing purposes) as part of your application process (we only bill host school, we can not bill students directly)**

    1. Cancellations within 2 weeks of registration: $50 cancellation fee.
    2. Cancellation after 2 weeks of registration: NO REFUND.
    3. If you have completed more than 10% of the course marks, NO REFUND, no matter when you cancel

If you are an international student living in B.C. and are interested in enrolling with us, please contact one of our counsellors.