Literacy Foundations Courses Summary

The BC Literacy Foundations Curriculum was implemented on July 1, 2010 to enable adults to develop knowledge and skills in five subject areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Information and Communications Technology).

The Literacy Foundations Curriculum addresses the needs of adult students who have significant skill and knowledge gaps and who need to upgrade skills to be successful at the Grade 10, 11 and 12 courses in preparation for both employment and further studies. If you need to improve your skills in any of these areas, this program is for you!

Literacy Foundations- Chemistry

LF Chemistry is designed to introduce students to a variety of topics that are explored throughout the science curriculum at the secondary level. Specifically, this course will help to develop and improve the skills and techniques that are required to be successful in Chemistry 11 and help to build a successful foundation for students who will later pursue Chemistry 12.

The objectives of the LF Chemistry are to:

  • Improve students’ understanding of the properties and reactions of materials including those in the workplace.
  • Develop an understanding of how elements and compounds are organized and the differences between them.
  • Understand safe laboratory practices and analyze experimental data.

Students will complete 7 units which focus on the following: processes of science, matter and density, atomic theory, the periodic table, chemical formulae and bonding, organic and inorganic compounds, and chemical reactions.

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Literacy Foundations - English Language Arts

This course is designed to improve composition skills that students need in school, and will later need at work and in their daily lives. This is considered an upgrading Language Arts course. Students learn the foundations of high-school-level reading and writing, including inference and reading-for-meaning, as well as the development of strong sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

Course overview:

Five modules

No Supervised tests


1. Grammar Review

2. Reading Comprehension

3. Paragraph Writing

4. Critical Reading

5. Essay Writing

Recommended prerequisite: Grade 9

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Literacy Foundations Biology

Literacy Foundations (LF) Science:  Biology is one of the three LF: Science courses intended to prepare students to be successful in senior level Science courses. Prescribed Learning Outcomes are presented under seven curriculum organizers: Processes of Science, Diversity of Life, Cells, Systems, Immune System, Cell Division, and Reproduction.

No Supervised Tests

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Literacy Foundations Math 5 (Prep for Literacy Foundations 6 or Accounting 11)

Literacy Foundations (LF) Math Level 5 is the fifth of seven levels of LF Math courses intended to take students from a beginning numeracy level up to the equivilent of a Grade 9 level or to prepare for Accounting 11. Prescribed Learning Outcomes are presented under four curriculum organizers: Number, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability. The Prescribed Learning Outcomes address the skills needed at an increasingly complex numeracy level and include: expressing and interpreting probabilities as ratios, fractions, or percents; representing algebraic expressions and equations in words; and, using graphs and a table of values.

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Literacy Foundations Math 6 (Prep for Literacy Foundations 7 or Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10)

4 credits

Literacy Foundations Mathematics Level 6: Math Foundation is a Grade 10 elective course that is NOT creditable towards graduation but provides the foundational skills necessary for students to complete LF Math 7 and then enter into a graduation program. Students who have successfully completed LF Math 6 Math Foundations will be able to enter LF Math 7 OR Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10. 

LF Math 6 Math Foundations covers the following areas:
  • rational numbers, powers, exponents and order of operations
  • linear relations, equations and graphing
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing polynomials
  • the Pythagorean Theorem,  
  • surface area of polygons and polyhedral.



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Literacy Foundations Math 7 FOMP (Prep for PC or FOM Math 11)


LF Math Level 7: Math Foundations is intended for students headed to Foundations Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11 who fall into one of the three categories below:

A. Adult students who have been out of school for some time.

B. Adult students who narrowly passed Principles of Math 10 or Foundations of Math & Pre-calculus 10 and need to strengthen their skills.

C. Students who have completed Applications of Math 11 but wish to switch to the Foundations Math stream


LF Math Level 7: Math Foundations is a review of the critical prerequisite learning outcomes to prepare students for success in Pre-Calculus OR Foundations Math 11. THIS COURSE IS NOT THE ACTUAL FOUNDATIONS MATH 11 OR PRE-CALCULUS MATH 11.

This course will present students with dynamic online lessons introducing concepts with audio-visual presentations and providing students with lots of practice with detailed feedback, helpful hints and even notes. Students will be learning from online lessons but completing practice questions, assignments and tests by hand.

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Literacy Foundations Information Technology

Course Description:

LF Information Technology develops practical computer skills and teaches effective use of popular programs such as Microsoft Word and the Brightspace learning management system. Students will be able to explore the course at the own pace and gain access to a wide range of videos, simulations, and activities to enhance their learning or gain additional instruction. During the program, students will develop their repertoire of communication options essential to our modern and changing world and gain an improved understanding of the processes and practices necessary for success in online learning.

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Literacy Foundations Physics

The aim of LF Science is to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in Physics 11 and 12. LF Science courses are appropriate for graduated or non-graduated students who have not been enrolled in a science course for many years or who have not taken any science courses at the secondary level. The LF Science courses support students in acquiring the foundational knowledge and skills needed for success in senior level science courses.

Students will complete 8 units which focus c on the following: processes of science, displacement and velocity, acceleration, forces, energy, electricity, circuitry, waves and optics.

No Supervised Tests

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