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A parents' guide for e-learning

A parents' guide for e-learning

Last week we talked about the difference between Distributed Learning and Homeschooling. Especially for parents of elementary-aged children, e-learning or distributed learning means a considerable commitment in time and energy for their kids' education.

We don't want to tell you it's easy-peasy - but we're here to tell you that you are not alone and that the dedicated staff at SCIDES is here to help your kids succeed and to support you as well.

Let's start with 5 things that will make the life of a distance ed parent easier...


1. Communicate often with your child's teacher and/or advisor. While we're a distance education school and do a lot of our work via email and chat, you can also call us during regular school hours and we're happy to talk to you about any concerns - or just to check in!

2. When you email or call us, don't forget to ask about your child's grade book. The grade book will show a student's marks, but also contain comments on his or her progress and feedback for all assignments. It's a great tool and will give you a good overall picture.

3. Set aside a regular block of time every day to work with your child on his or her DL (distributed learning) courses. Encourage your child to work through the course material independently and at his or her own pace, but take about 45-60 minutes every day to discuss the day's work. Establishing a routine is equally important for students and parents!

4. Make sure the distractions are kept at a minimum during study times. No additional browser windows open for checking social media and no cell phones - if it would not be ok in a brick & mortar school, it's not ok for learning at home.

5. Start as a team! Develop a study plan at the beginning of each course, together with your child and the teacher. This way you will be in the loop from the beginning and know what to keep track of. Even though students are encouraged to work at their own pace, the schedule is always flexible enough to adapt to your life - but it does not hurt to have a goal in mind and stay on track!

We hope you will find those tips helpful - they are tried and true. Of course you can contact us anytime for more information!



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