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Study Tips for Students in Grades K-9

Study Tips for Students in Grades K-9

Before you know it, summer will be over (we know, unfair!), and it’s back to school. 

If your kids are enrolled at SCIDES, you’ll have a lot more flexibility in the new school year to adapt your children’s education to your family’s needs. Doing school at home is especially rewarding and challenging in grades K-9; while you can always count on the support from the team at SCIDES, we also want to share studying tips that work well for younger kids, so you’re off to the best possible start for the 2016/2017 school year.

Chew gum

Yes, you read that right – let your kids chew gum while they’re studying. The trick is to check the same flavour of gum while they’re studying and when they’re taking a test to apply what they’ve learned. The familiar flavour will trigger memories, and your kids will probably ask to study more!


Make a list of small rewards your child would enjoy (you know, like gum), and use it as motivation for studying. It could be reading a book together, watching an episode of a favourite show, or – for successful completion of a larger project – a new book. Set goals, follow through, be rewarded.

Take frequent breaks

This study tip is great for younger and older kids alike, and even for adults. Set a timer to take a break every 45-60 minutes, to walk around a stretch for a bit. Get your kids moving, which will not only help with their daily physical activity requirement, but also with feeling refreshed and ready to tackle more school work.

Put it in writing

If your kids have questions about the study material, get them to write those down, and also write down the answer. Writing down questions and answers, rather than just reading or hearing about them, will make it easier to remember. Answers in bullet form work great for this approach!

Study while sleepy

This will require some participation from you, the parent. How about reading something school related, rather than a bedtime story? If your child is relaxed and ready to listen, they will absorb information more readily. Sweet dreams!

Make it a family affair

Being a parent of a home-schooling elementary school student means being actively involved in your child’s education. If your kids know that you’re all in when it comes to their education, they will naturally be motivated and eager to learn. The more personalized, the better. Add a unique touch to your kids’ studies by making the material relatable to them. Need to come up with practise quizzes to test their knowledge? Make sure the questions contain a familiar element that’s unique to your family. 

For more tips and info about a successful home schooling journey for grades K-9, contact us anytime via our website or phone, or connect with us on social media. 

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